Deeps & Supers
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This is where the bees spend their time when they're not out foraging for pollen and nectar. The queen lays eggs here, and the bees pack in the pollen to feed the brood, and nectar to produce yummy honey. 

Deeps: Usually used as brood boxes, and for over-wintering your hive. Our Deeps are made from solid pine boards - no edge-glued or laminated pieces here. We use rabbet joints for extra surface area, and assemble with exterior wood glue and coated deck screws to provide extra weather protection. Boxes are made level and square to within 1/16" - you won't see those tolerances on mass-produced equipment! $45 / $55 (Cedar)

Honey Supers: These are basically identical to deeps, but shallower to fit 6 1/8" honey frames (this is primarily done to make them lighter - a honey super full of honey can weigh nearly 100 lbs!). We use the same quality rabbet joints, exterior wood glue and coated deck screws as in the deeps, and the same tight tolerances ensure a perfect fit with your honey frames and other equipment. $25 / $40 (Cedar)
One of our backyard hives, finished with a light gel stain and a few coats of Tung Oil. 100% Bee Furniture!