Our Products
The floor, ceiling and roof of your hive. Included products:

  • Screened Bottom Board
  • Solid Bottom Board
  • Vented Inner Cover
  • Un-vented Inner Cover
  • Telescoping Outer Cover with Flat metal top
  • Telescoping Outer Cover with Peaked metal top

The main boxes that will house your bees (frames not included). 

We keep a stock of 10-frame Langstroth parts in stock, but 8-frame and other sized equipment is also available.

  • Deep Brood Box (9 5/8" high; holds ten 9 1/8" frames)
  • Dadant (Medium) Honey Super (6 5/8" high; holds ten 6 1/8" honey frames)
By Special Order:
  • Shallow Honey Super (5 11/16" high; holds ten 5 3/8" honey frames)

These are the parts that won't always be part of your hive - but they're great to have on hand when you need them!

  • Double Screen Board (aka Snelgrove Board)
  • Escape Board
  • Robber Screen

We keep a stock of 10-frame Langstroth parts on hand, but we're quite happy to build you anything that's a little less common. Don't let the word 'custom' fool you - we take the same care and attention in all of our products, so custom pieces are the same price as our more common products! 
  • All 8-frame Equipment
  • Warré Hives and Equipment
  • Shallow (5 11/16") Honey Supers
  • Custom Hive Stands
  • Demonstration Hives
  • ...anything else you can think of!