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It's not just a hive, it's Bee Furniture!
We design, build, and assemble many of the same bee hive woodenware pieces you may see at your local apiary supplier. The difference is in the quality - all of our pieces are hand-built from locally-sourced timber, at prices that rival mass-produced equipment that you have to assemble yourself. We invite you to explore our site, and admire the quality of construction for yourself. 
You have a choice - why not beautify your yard or apiary with hand-crafted Bee Furniture?
NEW products
Starter Kit - ideal for new beekeepers!
Are you a new beekeeper? Our Starter Kit is made with you in mind!

Each kit comes with a Screened Bottom Board with slide-out mite inspection tray, Deep Brood Box, Honey Super, vented Inner Cover, and Telescoping Outer Cover with metal top. All components are hand-crafted right here in Nanaimo, BC Canada!

Available now in three options:
  • Sanded and ready for you to apply your choice of finish, for $175
  • Finished with your choice of gel-stain and tung oil for $210
  • Vancouver Island grown Western Red Cedar, and finished with 'bee-friendly' tung oil, for $275
Ask about upgrading to a Garden-style outer cover (peaked roof)  from just $40!
Starter kit, hand-built from Western Red Cedar
Now available - western red cedar!
We started out making beautiful, strong Bee Furniture using locally-sourced Pine or Spruce lumber. Pine and Spruce are easy to work with, light, strong, and very reasonably priced, so it was an obvious choice.

Late last year, however, we sourced a supply of beautiful, Vancouver Island grown Western Red Cedar, and were able to build a few custom orders with it. We are now working with a supplier who mills, just for us, some of the most stunning cedar we've ever seen! And this isn't just regular wood - it's sustainably grown and harvested, usually just a tree or two at a time. Often these trees have to be removed from residential lots for safety reasons, so rather than ending up as firewood, it's carefully removed and milled specifically to our specifications. This not only gives us the best possible wood, but reduces waste at the same time. We pay a little more, but we think keeping our forests intact is worth every penny. Most of our regular products are now also available in Western Red Cedar for just a little more - and all of our cedar products come fully finished with four coats of bee-friendly tung oil, and are ready to use.
Located in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada, we are passionate about our bees and our products.

All of our products are hand-crafted and are sold fully assembled. We can also arrange to finish the products in your choice of available stains, oils and other finishes.

If you'd like to have our products shipped to you, we can reduce the expense of shipping by disassembling your products. You can re-assemble with a bit of wood glue and the included screws - it's that easy. 

We invite you to peruse our web site, and if you have any questions about our products, how we build them, or what they're for, we encourage you to contact us by email or phone. We are happy to work with you to design and build some quality furniture for your bees, whatever your requirements!

A Note on Prices
Please note that all prices posted on this site are in CANADIAN DOLLARS and generally include an assembled product, sanded and ready for your choice of finish (oil, stain, paint etc.). We also offer to apply your choice of gel-stain with a Tung Oil finish for a small additional amount.

Where two prices are listed, the first is hand-crafted from locally-sourced Pine or Spruce. The second price is for an identical piece, but hand-crafted from Vancouver Island grown Western Red Cedar. Cedar is more labour-intensive to build and the wood itself costs us about 3-4 times what pine or spruce does, but it has a built-in resistance to rot and pests, so it will generally last longer. Cedar also creates a truly stunning finished piece!

Nanaimo, BC Canada
Tel: (250) 802-3991