Tops & Bottoms
Every home needs a floor, ceiling, and roof - your bee hive is no exception! We offer a variety of products to fit these requirements. 


Screened Bottom Board: In addition to an entrance, this provides ventilation for your hive. Under the screen is a slide-out Coroplast tray, which can be used in cooler temperatures to limit the amount of cooling, and it serves as a way to check for varroa mites. $45 / $55 (Cedar)

Screened Bottom Board with removeable screen: Built the same as our 'regular' Screened Bottom Board (above), but with a slide-out screen instead of a fixed screen. This allows easy cleaning of dead bees and other unwanted items from the screen during the winter months, when the bees are less likely to remove these items themselves. Click here for more information! $50 / $60 (Cedar)
Screened bottom board with removable screen              
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Vented Inner Cover: Comes with a 1" wide notch vent, which can be placed above the board (to provide ventilation without the heat loss, mainly in winter) or vent down, to provide more active ventilation in the summer, and double as an additional bee entrance / exit. Our new style features a large, 2 1/2" diameter centre hole for feeding with a mason jar. $25 / $30 (Cedar)
Un-vented Inner Cover: Same as above but without the 1" wide notch vent. Used if ventilation is not an issue. $25 / $30 (Cedar)
Inner Cover
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Telescoping Outer Cover: The roof of your hive, this is made from solid Pine sides, and a heavy-duty plywood top, covered with metal roof flashing. These are made to protect your hive from the elements in all seasons. $45 / $55 (Cedar)

Telescoping Outer Cover with Peaked Roof: Also known as a 'garden style' outer cover, this has a peaked roof more like most houses. Built with screened vent holes inside as well as through the gables, it increases ventilation in the hive and can therefore be used to overwinter your bees, without any changes! It also makes a much more attractive addition to your apiary. Depending on supply, it may be available with a choice of roofing colour - check with us for details. (Photo coming soon!) $85 / $110 (Cedar) 
Telescoping Outer Cover